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* Now Available Remotely Via Link Below * Fastcase is a nationwide electronic law library/legal database that including case law, statutes, regulations, court rules, and constitutions. Please note that our subscription only includes primary law at this time. Fastcase integrates citation analysis into search results, telling you how often each case in your results list has been cited. It’s like Shepardizing or KeyCiting each case in search results, except that you can see the results automatically integrated into search results. Now you can sort the most seminal case to the top of the list, with one click. From within a case, click the flag icon the upper-right hand corner to run the “Authority Check” function, which will list all citing cases and identify those that offer negative treatment. You can access FastCase/Fastcase 7 from your home or office Username: StainsislausCounty / Password: fastcase

Nolo Ebsco

* Now Available Remotely Via Link Below * Provides access to more than 220 full-text legal self-help books, most published by Nolo Press, the nation’s oldest provider of legal information for consumers and small businesses. Includes books and forms related to civil litigation, real estate, probate and estate planning, real estate transactions, and small business formation. You can access Nolo EBSCO from your home or office: User ID/State: CA / Password: Stanislaus

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